Welcome to the Ajinomoto Foundation For Dietary Culture

The Ajinomoto Foundation For Dietary Culture was founded in 1989 to support and promote research related to dietary culture.
Since then, the Center has successfully conducted several initiatives to achieve its goals, including the establishment of the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library, publication of the dedicated vesta magazine, annual seminars focused on relevant topics, and research aid. Please feel free to make use of the information made available by the Center for research and study, creation of informational materials, menu innovation, and promotion of dietary culture in daily life.

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Explore Dietary Culture

Dietary Culture Exhibition Room

In a small exhibition room on the second floor of the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library, colored woodblock prints of food and samples created from cookbooks written in the Edo period will give you a chance to experience historical dietary culture. No reservation is necessary and admission is free!

Read and Learn

(Open to the Public) The Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library

The Ajinomoto Foundation For Dietary Culture opened the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library to gather specialized materials related to food.
The Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library currently has more than 40,000 books and magazines available for perusal, some from the Edo, Meiji or Showa periods along with more recently published material.
This collection is available to the public during open hours.

Open:Monday to Saturday

Hours:10AM to 5PM

Closed:Sundays, Holidays, End of Year Holidays, Maintenance Days, Museum Holidays

vesta Magazine

The Ajinomoto Foundation For Dietary Culture produces the dietary culture magazine vesta.
vesta is a magazine for anyone with an interest in food. Every page further opens a window into the fascinating field of dietary culture.
It is a perfect resource for those who already have an interest in cooking or gourmet foods and are looking for a way to deepen their understanding of food and the things surrounding it.

In addition to vesta, the Ajinomoto Foundation For Dietary Culture creates other informational materials and videos that are available to the public at the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library.

Listen and Learn


Every year, the Ajinomoto Foundation For Dietary Culture holds a symposium based around a theme related to dietary culture for up to 250 people. Admission is free.


Research Initiative

Our research initiative launched in 2016 with the intention to advance research of dietary culture by supporting young researchers who are interested in the field.

Forum on Dietary Culture

"Forum on Dietary Culture" is a membership-based research discussion meeting that considers dietary culture interdisciplinary.
Multilingual presentations and discussions on the food theme were held, and the results are published every year as "Forum on Dietary Culture" series.