NISHIKI-E (Multi Colored Woodblock Print, one type of UKIYO-E)

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Nishiki-e is a Japanese, multi-colored woodblock printing method used from the mid-Edo Period through the Meiji Period. It is a type of Ukiyo-e print. We have collected a number of Nishiki-e relating to dietary culture, and they are available for viewing, along with explanations of the content at our site.
(Due to the quality protection for Nishiki-e, these collections are not actually displayed at Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library.)


Some representative works of our Nishiki-e related to dietary culture are also exhibited on Google Arts & Culture. The exhibition features ultrahigh resolution imagery so you can zoom-in and enjoy close-up views of each item.

Collection (Japanese version only)

This is a gallery displaying Nishiki-e relate to dietary culture, with explanations of the content. There is a search function available, allowing search of artist names and tags. This content is only available in Japanese, but please do take a look.