Gourmand Dietary Culture

Gourmand is a nickname for Naomichi Ishige, a leading expert in dietary culture studies. Here, we introduce dietary culture related articles he wrote while traveling around the world.

Dr. Naomichi Ishige

Dr. Ishige was born in Chiba Prefecture in 1937. He graduated from the Literature Department at the Kyoto University. From 1997 to 2003, he was Director-General of the National Museum of Ethnology, Japan, and since then has been a Professor Emeritus at the same Museum. He is a pioneer of food culture research, and has travelled to over 100 countries since the 1970s to conduct field-work. His book publications include: Naomichi Ishige Discussing Food Culture, Essays on Civilisation at the Table, Research on Fish Sauce and Narezushi [Fermented Sushi] (co-authored), and The Cultural History of Noodles.

The pen-name “Gourmand” was adopted by Dr. Ishige from Sakyō Komatsu’s book The Museum of Anthropology.

    • Vol.10
    • Fermented Mackerel

    • vesta No. 81
    • Vol.9
    • Trunk Cup

    • vesta No. 80
    • Vol.8
    • Cherry Blossom Treats

    • vesta No. 79
    • Vol.7
    • Eating Lacquer Tree

    • vesta No. 78
    • Vol.6
    • Potato Sausage

    • vesta No. 77
    • Vol.5
    • Tofu Pizza

    • vesta No. 76
    • Vol.4
    • Plum Liquor Pride

    • vesta No. 75
    • Vol.3
    • Ukrainian Salo

    • vesta No. 73
    • Vol.2
    • Michelin Stars for Hospital Food?

    • vesta No. 72
    • Vol.1
    • Red Bean Paste Seaweed Roll

    • vesta No. 71