1979 Ajinomoto Co., Inc. begins dietary culture outreach activities to commemorate 70 years of business
Foundation For Dietary Culture Preparation Room established
1982 First Forum on Dietary Culture※1
Limited Opening of Foundation for Dietary Culture
1989 Establishment of the Ajinomoto Foundation For Dietary Culture with permission of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries
First publication of vesta, magazine on dietary culture
1991 Opening of the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library
2004 Foundation administration center and the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library relocated
the Ajinomoto Group Takanawa Training Center becomes new home for both
2013 Formally recognized as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation by the Japanese Cabinet
  • The first Forum was created as foothold in the field of dietary culture, held at a time when knowledge and research in the field was extremely limited. It was an interdisciplinary effort which gathered academics and journalists from over 20 different fields (including social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences) to discuss topics related to dietary culture. The Forum continues to this day, supporting and producing new advances in the field.