Guide to the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library

A place where everyone is welcome

The Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library was opened in 1989 to bring together books, magazines, academic papers, and other media concerned with the topic of dietary culture. This specialized library is a great resource for both hobbyists and professionals interested in dietary culture.


First, pick up a library pass at the reception desk.

At the reception desk, fill in your name, contact information, etc. to get a library pass.

Use the free lockers!

Bags and purses cannot be brought into the library space. Please make use of the free lockers available. Valuables and small items can be stored in a special area.

Explore the library!

Over 40,000 books

and magazines about dietary culture

From wide-lens analyses of culture to research about specific ingredients, there is something for everyone here at the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library. Recipe books, essays, and even manga has a place in our collection.

Easy to find, fun to browse

In order to make it easy to find anything you want, the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library's collection has been organized into the following categories.

Library Floorplan

Old documents from Edo, Meiji and Showa also available for persual

There are some valuable old materials that cannot be lent out, but are available for viewing through the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library. Books that illuminate the dietary culture of the Edo period can be accessed via the web. Books and magazines from the Meiji and Showa era (until 1955) can be requested at the counter. The magazine Ryouri no Yu (The Cooking Friend) published in the Taisho period is also available for persual.

Almost 280 items from the Edo period and start of the Meiji period are available online! These include recipes for meals and sweets, books on etiquette, herbs, specialty products, and shopping guides!

A periodical launched in 1913 (Taisho 2) targeted to homemakers that focused on cooking. The covers and table of contents can be viewed at the Aijinomoto Library.

Library Staff Recommendations

Check out our Staff Recommendations corner and our Themed Recommendations, which bring together materials from different categories to provide an broad overview about a single topic.

Enjoy various perspectives on popular topics in dietary culture, such as seasonal foods or regional specialties.

Create a library card to borrow books or take a look at certain old documents.

You must create a library card if you would like to borrow any books or magazines, or if you're interested in taking a look at our materials from 1868 to 1955.

  • Required materials: 100 yen and an ID with your name and address on it, such as an insurance card, driver's license, or student ID.
  • Changes in personal information such as your address and phone number will need to be reconfirmed after one year from creation of the card if you return to the library.

Browsing the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library

Feel free to view any of the open-stack items available on the shelves. Information on materials in the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library can be searched via the library computers and online via the Library's homepage. Please inform the staff if any materials cannot be found on the shelves.

  • Closed-stack items (codes U and W) can be viewed until 16:30.

Borrowing from the Library

Max Items 5 Items
Lending Period 3 weeks (no extensions)
  • Rare books, magazines, and media can only be viewed in the library.

Returning Materials

The library does not have a return box. Please bring your borrowed materials to the counter directly.

Materials can also be returned via mail.
Mail should be addressed to the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library. Postage will not be reimbursed.

Copying Materials

Copies B&W 20yen / Color 100yen
  • Please abide by Japanese Copyright Law when making copies.

Please Note:

  • Bags, purses, and coats cannot be taken into the library. Please make use of the free lockers and hangers available before entering.
  • Food, drink, smoking, noise, phones, and such that may disturb other visitors are prohibited in the library.
  • Please avoid writing, marking, or using sticky notes on library materials. Reimbursement will be required for any lost, damaged, or unreturned books.
  • Please do not privately exchange library cards or materials.
  • Library card registration services available until only 16:30 to match closed-stacks availability.

Postcards and clear files available for purchase!

Perfect souvenirs for family and friends, Japanese and English postcards and clearfiles based on popular woodblock prints can be purchased at the library as well. Get one today!

Library Map

Seminars and Classes in the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library

Support is available for seminars and classes held in the Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library.
The following may be reserved for seminars/classes:
① The multipurpose room (up to 30 people)
② The Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library
③ The Dietary Culture Exhibition Room
To reserve a space for your seminar or class, please send a message to the address below with the information for your event (topic, number of attendees, preferred dates, etc.)

  • Please contact us at least two weeks in advance of the planned date of your event.

Affiliated Organizations

The Ajinomoto Dietary Culture Library and its associated Osaka branch conducts library services in partnership with the Kagawa Nutrition University, the Library of Junior College of Kagawa Nutrition University, and the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology.