Important Notice


Preventive action for COVID-19/new Corona Virus infectious diseases and request for our visitors.

Please be informed that Ajinomoto Foundation for Dietary Culture takes preventive action for New Corona Virus as below,

  1.Installation the antiseptic solution (alcohol base) for sterilization at the entrance of building.

  2.Frequent ventilate in the library and exhibition rooms.

Requests for our visitors,

  1.If you have symptoms like a cold or a fever or a cough, please refrain from visiting our facilities.

  2.Please make sure to use the antiseptic solution (alcohol base) for sterilization before entering our facilities.

  3.Please be aware of the decline of room temperature due to ventilation.

  4.Please consider to use postal or door-to-door delivery service when you return the books.

Future notice will be announced on our official website ( )